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What is The Cost of Solar?

Houston alone has the highest utility bill Across the Nation. The average person in an average household has a monthly electric bill of $150 – $200. If you’re spending $150 to $200 a month on your electric bill right now, you could be using that money and investing it back into your property.

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Can you Finance Solar?

Financing is 100% an option! We work with different lenders and credit scores. We have terms that range from 5 to 25 years and interest rates as low as half a percent.

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Will I Receive any Tax Credit?

There is one main tax credit available to you through the federal government, and this is a 26% tax credit against the expenditure of the system.

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What is The Installation Process Like?

Our system installations vary, but we follow the same process each time. We use the attic as our central location to run all the wiring through. The wiring then runs directly into your combiner box, which reads the microinverters in your system that allows you to read the system.

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What Happens if The Grid Goes Down?

Because you produce your own power, when that grid goes down your system has to be turned off to protect the transformer in the journeyman working on it. This is when a home generator battery comes in handy, if the power goes out your generator will be used for critical power.

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How We Give Power?

We are a give partner with Give Power is an organization that’s located in Austin. Through GivePower with every single system installed we donate $40 to fight the planet’s leading killer- Waterborne Disease.

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